Totally Meta

So, I know that things probably seem pretty quiet out there on your end of New Joy of Jell-O Land, but they’re not so quiet here behind the scenes. There hasn’t really been any Jell-Oing happening these last couple of weeks, but I’m working diligently on the back end.

A major task, which I’ve nearly completed, has been preparing the recovered posts for re-posting. There’s been a bunch of photo cropping, retouching and optimizing; putting posts into WordPress; and keeping track of everything in my incredibly organized spreadsheet so that I can manage the internal links as the blog grows. The reason this task isn’t fully complete is because I discovered that pasting text from OpenOffice into WordPress creates a bunch of unnecessary and annoying markup, and now I’m going to have to go through all those posts deleting tags. (If you’ve noticed a little inconsistency in the formatting of Recipe Reposts, that’s why, but it should be fixed soon.) Luckily I’m familiar with HTML and CSS, but I’d much rather be writing, making Jell-O, or even eating Jell-O, than deleting loads of extraneous SPAN tags from the text view. There are so many of them that I’m starting to hear a certain familiar comedy sketch, slightly altered, in my head…. (span, span, span, eggs, span, baked beans and span….)

Once that’s done, I need to start writing more Memory Lane entries to put in the hopper. I just wish I was better at writing quickly, like Jack Kerouac at the typewriter with his big roll of paper. I know that his secret was amphetamines. Considering that I’m now the age Kerouac was when he died, I suspect I may be a bit old to be a successful speed freak.

Another thing I’ve decided to do is to make some effort to market this blog via social media, just to see how far I can take it. There’s a certain learning curve to this for me, since I’ve yet to get the hang of Twitter, and as of this writing I barely know what Pinterest is, but apparently I need to be using it. Having the blog syndicated via NetworkedBlogs just isn’t enough. I’m trying to do this concurrent with the Jell-O, but it’s going to require that I develop better discipline with my time.

Essentially, this is going to work out to be like a real part-time job in addition to my regular day job, and the funny thing is not only do I not expect to make any money at it, it’s already costing me money. Trust me, I’m not in this for the benjamins. Nope, it’s all about the fame, baby!

What do you think?

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