Project Rules

Okay, maybe they’re more like guidelines. But this is how I proceeded with the Project.

  • Brand Fealty. As with the earlier incarnation of the Project, I used Jell-O brand gelatin for all recipes from The New Joys of Jell-O. However, while the book sometimes specifies other brand-name ingredients (many of which are still available 40 years on), I reserved the right to use ingredients of the quality that I prefer.
  • Other Ingredients. Last time around I decided that our mostly vegetarian diet would trump adherence to the recipes except in the case of Brand Fealty to Jell-O. However, the results of initial attempts to use meat substitutes were less than satisfactory, and I decided to compromise for the sake of the Project.
  • Frequency. I was shooting for one Jell-O recipe (virgin, repost, reboot, or memory lane) per week, on average. (Once I finally nutted up, I was mostly able to stick to that.) My overarching goal was to keep the content fresh without overwhelming either readers or my Facebook feed. I eliminated the time limit for getting through the book. I’m just not that good.
  • Accountability. Again, the Table of Contents page is where I kept track of completing recipes from the book. As I completed and posted each one, I noted the posting date by each item and made each item into a link to its respective post.
  • I Value My Friends’ Privacy! Except for the odd historical or public figure, Bryan and I are be the only people referred to by name in the Project. Other people were referred to by the old convention of first initial followed by an em dash, like so: A–.

The Orange Boycott

In November 2016, in response to the U.S. presidential election, I declared that I would be conducting a boycott of Things Orange as a protest against and resistance to the Trump presidency. The rules are:

  • Virgin Recipes and Recipe Reboots calling for orange Jell-O were made with other flavors.
  • In the case of Memory Lane posts and Recipe Reposts in which orange Jell-O had already been used and was therefore unavoidable, “penalties” were be paid to Planned Parenthood and to the International Rescue Committee to help alleviate any damage to those causes that might be done by this presidential administration.

One response

  1. […] it, in a pie crust. Oh, yes, and there’s a little almond extract in the Jell-O. Because of my Orange Boycott, I was planning on substituting peach Jell-O for orange anyway, but then after the week we’ve […]


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